Neurolon® is a premier product created and produced in the U.S.A, in a G.M.P. approved facility according to F.D.A standards, by Vitalife International Enterprises Inc.

Neurolon® has come into existence after intensive research into mental performance enhancement and brain nutrition. This is a constant interest of the founders, as they believe that a clear, alert mind is essential for success in any area of life.

Our mission is to help you reach the optimum state of mental performance through research of herbs that naturally give us a boost in mental alertness, clarity, focus, and performance.

The ingredients of Neurolon® are 100% natural and are the finest you could find that give the mind the nutrients needed to work at full capacity.

With that being said, Neurolon® is quickly becoming the first choice for mental nutrition.

Our biggest concerns are always:

Responsibility that our product is the best it can be and can serve you in your quest for peak mental optimization.

Research – We constantly research our ingredients and test to see which herbs and nutrients increase mental performance.

Fully accessible – We are a social company; we love to hear from you! Our employees are entirely devoted to answering your questions and making sure that you have the best service possible.

Charity – As a company we are always looking for ways to help others. And one of the best ideas we had as a collective was to donate $3 of every bottle sold to a different charity every single month. Read our “Giving” page for more information.