Most of us already know that, when it comes to sports, a person’s mindset plays a big part in how successful they will be in their chosen sport. Especially, as far as motivation is concerned.

However, the relationship is less known in the opposite direction as in how sports benefits the brain

Here, are a few benefits that could help motivate you to get off the couch:

1. It makes you feel better emotionally:
When you exercise endorphin’s (feel good hormones) are released into the body and this has a direct impact on our emotional state.

2. Natural Anti-depressant:
Regular exercise releases tension in the body, resulting in lower levels of stress and depression.

3. Self Confidence:
Regular exercise with set goals and milestones improves self confidence and gives a person a sense of accomplishment once these goals are achieved.

4. Increase your pain threshold:
Yes, exercise can be tiring and lead to muscle soreness the next day, sometimes you may even get blisters on your feet. But when this is repeated a few times your body starts to build up a resistance and your pain threshold increases.

5. Increase your brainpower:
During exercise, your brain produces more neurons and more connections between them, a phenomenon known as neuro-genesis. There has been plenty of research to validate that fact that regular exercise can increase your brains learning ability.

6. Builds Character:
Following a regular exercise routine will help you develop discipline, dedication and determination.

7.Reduce anxiety:
During exercise you place the body and mind under a certain level of stress. This helps to build up our tolerance to stressful situations. The higher your tolerance level the less likely you are to fall prey to anxiety.

8. Concentration:
Regular exercise especially if you are competing with an opponent or even competing against yourself, improves the brain’s ability to remain focused on a set task for a prolonged period of time.

Apart from exercise, eating the right foods and taking a brain supplement like Neurolon would go a long way in ensuring your brain performs at it’s peak.

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