Being more productive in the work place or on your own business is a habit that anyone can develop. You can train your brain to become more productive, all it takes is a little consistency and a dedicated effort. Being more productive is generally the result of being more organized. Doing this can reduce the amount of work related stress you have to endure on a daily basis. Which has a direct impact on your brain health and overall health.
Organize your morning
Have everything you need for prepared the night before, from the clothes you are going to wear and other important choirs you normally have for the morning. This will ensure that you not rushing around on the morning trying to do everything at once and starting your day off in a frenzy. It’s important to try and set the pace for the day. Running out of the house with one shoe in your hand because you are running late is almost certain to create a domino effect and lead you have a frenzied, less productive day.
Plan your day
Before you go to sleep it helps to simply plan your day and what needs to be done. Almost like you watching a quick slide show of your day. Do this in a relaxed state and do not get worked up or stressed about anything that you need to do the next day. Playing the slide show in your head semi prepares your brain for the day ahead and the slide show creates a rough outline of what the game plan is.
Make a list of obligations
Having a to do list is a good idea to ensure that you get everything done that needs to be done. However it is important that the only things on the to do list are essential/important tasks. Many people make the mistake of adding as much as they can on their to do lists. This is not a good idea as it leaves little time to factor in unforeseen situations that creep up in the last minute. When you have a long too do list and you deviate from it in order to take care of an unexpected situation then all it does is create more stress as you would have fallen behind on your list.
Prioritize your tasks
Divide their duties and tasks in order of importance: Things that MUST be completed today vs things that can be started today and completed tomorrow as well as things that can be started today IF you have completed the other tasks on your list.

Find the time of day when you are most productive
This will vary extensively with different people and will be subject to many external factors like the amount of sleep you had the night before and if you workout in the mornings or not. What type of workouts you are doing as well as what types of foods you consume and when.

Start your mornings of in the right frame of mind
Use a few minutes in the morning to meditate. Besides helping to relax, this goes along way in preparing the brain and body for whatever the day my throw at you. There is substantial research to support the fact that people who meditate have increased productivity levels than people who do not meditate. It’s almost like brain training or a mental workout.

Eat well
This is often overlooked and people often do not realize what a massive impact our food choices have on our productivity. Having a large heavy meal is going to make you lethargic and slow. Our bodies use a lot of energy to digest food. If you have a busy afternoon and need to stay sharp then having a large steak, eggs and fries for lunch is probably not to do you any good. In fact, if you know that you are heading into an important meeting or need to work on an important project, it’s probably a better idea not to eat anything before hand. If you have too then rather go for something light and nutritious like a banana or two.

Stay Focused on The Task at Hand
This can be challenging for people who are in an open plan office and it will require you to train your brain to develop laser focus. There is always someone that could potentially distract you from what you are working on and a small distraction can cause you to lose momentum. This does not mean you should be totally anti-social but rather work in focused time frames. Like 30-45mins of uninterrupted work with no distractions. A good idea is to invest in a set of headphones. Even if you are not listening to anything simply having them on can give you the option of ignoring a colleague as they would assume you can not hear them.

Check Emails Outside of Focused time frames.
Unless you are waiting for an important email, avoid checking you mail or even answering your mobile phone during your focused work time slots. Considering your focused time slots will be around 30-45minutes, unless it’s an emergency most people can wait that amount of time until they hear back from you.
Embrace the Power of Saying “NO”
This is something most of us are guilty off. It generally stems from our inherent need for wanting to be liked. When a college or friend asks us to help them with something we often find it difficult to say no even though we know it is really going to cause us to fall behind on important tasks. It is important to say no if this is the case. If you have the time and it wont impact on your work flow then it’s not a problem.

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